Attorney Hammis spend the first 11 years of his career immersed in business and corporate law, and is well-suited to address your issue.  Click on an area of interest below for details.  If you don’t see your specific need listed, Click Here and let us know what it is.

Incorporation provides you with asset protection and tax advantages...

Running a sole proprietorship to get started in business is an easy, inexpensive way to get going.  But when you begin to accumulate assets and money in the bank, you need a higher level of protection – you need to incorporate.

Let Hammis Law Offices advise you on the best entity type to use, whether that’s a Sub-Chapter S Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Series LLC, Professional Corporation, or one of the non-profit “501″ designations.

One size does not fit all, so whether you’re trying to minimize self-employment tax or protect valuable assets, and everything in between, we will help you understand the pros and cons of each entity type before you get started.

Business Contracts establish healthy relationships between parties...

With everything going on in your business, it just does not make sense to hope that you will remember all the ins-and-outs of a particular arrangement.  For all but the most mundane operations, a contract helps keep everyone’s expectations in line.

Whether your needs are business-to-business, business-to-customer, or any other relationship, Hammis Law Offices can draft and help you execute contracts that keep your business running smoothly and your relationships healthy.

If you already have contracts in place in need of modification, extension, or other change, we can help.  We will also provide you with a fresh read of the contract terms to make sure that the language is still appropriate.

Business Litigation is something that we would all like to avoid...

But when your business is sued or you need to bring suit against another business, we will be there to prepare and litigate the matter on your behalf, while you continue to run your business.

Hammis Law Offices will prepare you and your staff for court appearances, and be with you every step of the way.  We will help you achieve the best possible outcome and maintain your good standing in the community.

The Sale or Purchase of a business can be a complicated undertaking...

Whether you’re considering the sale of your existing business, looking to acquire and/or merge with another, or just purchase a business outright, there are things that you need to consider and have locked up tightly.

Hammis Law Offices can help with business valuation, including assessing earnings multipliers, valuing assets and holdings, estimating goodwill, and other aspects of a business that all add up to the best estimation of current and future value.

Don’t make a buy/sell decision based on flimsy evidence; let us help you get the best possible deal with a solid understanding of the business as it stands, and as it positioned for the future.

Employee and employment matters are very sensitive...

When dealing with employee and/or employment matters, do you really understand the governing laws?  Something that you may think is common sense, if acted on, could prove to be the improper thing to do and end up being very costly.

Let us help you understand the things that are necessary to manage the legal aspects of the employee-employer relationship and keep you out of trouble.  Hammis Law Offices can handle employee contracts, no-compete agreements, intellectual property protection, and a whole lot more.

Collections are an inevitable part of most businesses...

Most businesses extend automatic credit to their customers, and at some point these businesses will experience a customer that is just not paying what is owed.  After you’ve done everything you can to collect on the debt, contact us.

Hammis Law Offices will help you collect what is owed to you with all of the means at our disposal.  Most collections move forward quickly when the debtor receives a certified demand for payment from our office, but we may have to initiate an asset search and then place liens or other encumbrances on those assets.

We will examine your case and advise you on the best approach to get you paid as quickly as possible.  Don’t let bad debt cripple your business; get what you are owed for your hard work.

Business Real Estate requires a different set of skills than residential...

From acquisition, to investments, through sales – business-related real estate is a different animal from residential real estate.  And if you’re considering investment in commercial property, whether that’s business-occupied or residential multi-unit properties, Hammis Law Offices can help you navigate the waters.

We will ensure that acquisitions are held in the proper entity type and protected from reach-through liability from other properties or operations under your control or ownership.  We will also help you structure assets to maximize your tax savings.

Landlord issues are not that tricky, but things can be overlooked...

Hammis Law Offices can draft leases for you and help protect your investment properties.  we can also deal with many tenant issues such as non-payment or breach of lease.

Landlords are increasingly coming under scrutiny, and the Internet provides a boisterous forum when your tenants feel wronged.  It is our goal to help you structure productive and mutually beneficial arrangements with your tenants, and to help you receive positive reviews as a landlord.

You may have matters that are not addressed in this list...

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